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Two-Day to Get Emergency Approval: Combat China Novel Coronavirus


From regulatory submission to approval, it only took 2 days for a coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit to go to market. On January 28, Jiangsu provincial NMPA issued the Test Report for the First Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit, describing the procedure of expedited regulatory process in the coronavirus pandemic:

12:25 pm, Jan 26 Received Type Testing Application for First Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit, submitted by Shuoshi Bio

12:35 pm, Jan 26 Type Testing Emergency Team initiated work. Confirmed testing capability based on PTR (Product Technical Requirement) submitted by manufacturer, and requested positive control samples.

9 am, Jan 27 Received positive control samples and conducted type testing

10 am, Jan 27 Finished type testing

8 am, Jan 28 Data compiling

10 am, Jan 28 Testing Report presented. Emergency Approval granted

By Jan 28, Jiangsu provincial NMPA finished Emergency Type Testing for two medical protective mask manufacturers; received one protective clothing application; and had consultation call with 4 others.

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How Do Overseas Manufacturers Qualify

China national NMPA transferred the regulatory authority to the provincial ones, opening green line for overseas medical products amid the virus outbreak.

NMPA informed local counterparts on Monday Jan 27 to “allow import none -NMPA approval devices but have FDA approval, CE mark, or Japan approval, to help conquer 2019 Novel Coronavirus (‘2019-nCoV’)”.

In the Notice national NMPA further stated that overseas products can be filing, instead of “registering”, for provincial approval. In China, “filling” is for Class I devices which does not require clinical trial.

What Supplies are Needed

Shanghai government issued an online notice on Monday Jan 27,  listing the urgent needs on supplying below products:

  1. Medical protective clothing with rubber strip (piece)(complying with GB19082-2003)
  2. Medical protective mask (N95, complying with GB19083-2010)
  3. Surgical mask (complying with YY0469-2011)
  4. Disposable Medical Cap
  5. Disposable Medical Shoe Cover
  6. Goggles
  7. Protective helmet
  8. Disposable isolation gown
  9. Nitrile gloves
  10. Sterile gloves
  11. Non-contact infrared thermometer

If you want to export medical equipment and supplies via China provincial emergency pathway, please contact

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