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Plan for Enhancing Medical Device Manufacturing in 3 Years


Recently, in order to speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industries, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, and break through the key technologies in the key manufacturing industries to realize industrialization, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has formulated the “Three-year Action Plan for Enhancing the Core Competence of Manufacturing Industry (2018 – 2020) “(hereinafter referred to as the” Action Plan “).

The Plan of Action specifies that in nine key areas such as rail transportation equipment, high-end vessels and marine engineering equipment, intelligent robots, smart cars, modern agricultural machinery, high-end medical equipment and medicines, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and major technical equipment , Organize the implementation of special key industrialization.

The breakdown of key support segments for high-end medical devices and medicines is as follows:

A. Speed up the industrialization and application of high-end medical devices

Focus on supporting the industrialization of innovative medical devices such as PET-MRI, ultrasound endoscopy, surgical robots, laboratory-wide automated test and analysis pipeline (TLA).

Supports high-performance imaging devices such as PET-CT, CT and MRI, high-energy linear accelerators and imaging guided radiation therapy devices, high throughput gene sequencing, chemiluminescence immunoassay, and new molecular diagnostic instruments in vitro Diagnostic Products, Total Degradation Coronary Stents, Nerve Stimulators, Tissue Organs Regenerative and Restorative Materials, and other new implantable interventional products, high-end intelligent rehabilitation aids, high-precision real-time inspection system (POCT) and other products upgrading and quality performance improvement.

B. Strengthen the construction of specialized technical service platform

Support the construction of medical equipment and pharmaceutical specialized consulting, research and development, production and application demonstration service platforms, provide public services such as key technology development, standard setting, quality testing and evaluation, clinical research and application demonstration for the industry, promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the industry, and promote Product quality and performance improvement, improve the pharmaceutical industry division of labor collaboration and production intensive level.

In addition, the “Action Plan” also proposed to promote the development of medical rehabilitation of key technologies and industrial demonstration.

Support for key special needs related supporting policies to support the “Action Plan” made four major policies, as follows:

1. Strengthen the support system

Integrate resources from governments, enterprises, trade associations, research institutes and other sources and actively carry out standard system revision, assessment, pilot, verification, publicity and promotion and application, actively leading or participating in the formulation of international standards.

Strengthen the construction of third-party inspection, inspection and certification institutions, and establish and perfect the product certification system and market acceptance mechanism in key areas according to the principle of combining voluntary certification and compulsory certification.

Strengthen the construction of enterprise credit system, improve the quality of corporate credit dynamic evaluation, trustworthy incentives and dishonesty disciplinary mechanism.

Promote enterprise product standards, quality, safety self-declaration and supervision system, and strengthen corporate social responsibility and industry self-regulation.

2. Optimize and improve incentive policies

Make full use of existing channels, increase capital investment, support core technology research in key areas and construction of key common technology platforms.

Innovative use of funds, the active use of advanced manufacturing industry investment funds, industrial investment funds such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Development Co-development Fund, support innovation and development of key enterprises and industry alliances to promote key areas of key technology industrialization projects.

We will improve the incentive policies for the demonstration and application of the first (major) sets of major technical equipment, and improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms for developing and using units in product innovation, value-added services and demonstration applications.

3. Strengthen financial policy support

We should give full play to the advantages of policy-based finance and commercial finance and use various methods such as discount loans and guarantees to guide all types of financial institutions to increase their credit support for the implementation of the plan of action and reasonably determine lending rates.

Support the integration of industry and finance in manufacturing enterprises in key areas, carry out product financing leasing business and promote the pilot of leasing asset securitization.

We will improve the multi-level capital market and provide support to the implementation of eligible action plans in issuing stocks, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bills and absorbing private equity investments.

4. Increase international cooperation

Implement the major national strategies such as “the Belt and Road”, promote the establishment of an international dialogue and exchange platform and establish a long-term mechanism for international cooperation.

Around the standard-setting, certification and accreditation, intellectual property, personnel training, and other organizations to carry out exchanges and cooperation, and continuously expand cooperation areas.

Increase support for export credit insurance, make overall use of capital funds such as industrial funds and policy loans, encourage enterprises to explore overseas markets, strengthen technical cooperation, acquire overseas high-level R & D institutions and high-quality enterprises, and promote the cooperation between leading enterprises and domestic enterprises in the world Joint venture in the form of cooperation.

Give full play to the role of various intellectual engineering projects to attract global talents to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Finally, the Action Plan emphasizes that the plan of action to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industries should be rolled out on a three-year cycle and the key areas and major tasks should be dynamically adjusted according to the needs of economic and social development and environmental conditions. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan of action and the orderly progress, we will formulate and implement the plan for breaking through key technologies and implementing industrialization in all key areas one by one.

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