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Sharks Are Helping Human to Fight Infections


According to CGTN report, a U.S. company Sharklet , recently acquired by Chinese medical device firm Peaceful Union, has come up with a product that could provide a real answer to protect us from bacterial infections. particularly in medical settings like hospitals.

Sharklet has developed a product that keeps harmful bacteria from spreading on medical equipment like urinary catheters and endotracheal tubes. According to Sharklet, more than 200 people a day die from healthcare-acquired infections in the U.S. 70 percent of those infections, the company claims, are preventable. Sharklet said data shows its surface technology reduces bacteria, helps wounds heal and is more effective than antibiotics.

The company believes this micro-pattern can work on consumer products as well.

It’s another example of biomimicry, using nature to help solve complex human problems. Sharklet could begin manufacturing its products in China in about a year and go to market another year after that.

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