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NuvOx Pharma, a China Med Device Client, Has Won the 1st Place As The Most Valuable Start-Up Company


NuVoxCongratulations to NuvOx Pharma, a China Med Device client, for winning the 1st place of the start-up companies with the most investment value, out of 46 biopharma companies at the MedCity INVEST Perfect Pitch Contest in Chicago last month.

As a major healthcare investment conference in the Midwest region of the USA, the mission of MedCity INVEST is to discover startup companies with strong potential for growth. Over the last 10 years, companies in biotechnology, medical device, digital health, diagnosis and pharmaceutical areas have been meeting investors here. You will find well-known investment companies such as AbbVie, Qualcomm Ventures, Mayo Clinical Ventures, Baxter and Venture Investors at this event. At the May event this year, many innovative medical products were exhibited, presenting an optimistic outlook of the healthcare field.

This year the event was co-sponsored by Sino-US Medical Investment Network. The total of 46 early-stage start-up companies made through the first elimination round from November 2016 to January 2017. They are concentrated in four areas: biopharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic device and medical information technology. All of the companies have completed one round of financing prior to the event.

NuvOx Pharma, under the leadership of Evan Unger, is developing a groundbreaking nanotechnology platform to treat life-threatening diseases by injecting oxygen particles through the vein. Their new oncology drug has completed Phase Ib/II clinical studies and have applied for phase II RCT trial. Other clinical-stage products in the pipeline from NuvOx are targeting stroke and sickle cell crisis. Recently NuvOx also started collaboration with a US company for a study of perioperative blood loss.

China Med Device, LLC, specializes in providing turn-key solutions for medtech and medical devices companies, including funding services. If you have any feedback, please email us at or visit us at For more information about our funding services to early- and growth-stage medical device and medtech companies, please check here.

NuvOx Pharma a biotechnology company based in Tucson, Arizona developing an innovative platform of oxygen therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases where hypoxia plays a role. NuvOx’s formulations are based on dodecafluoropentane emulsion (DDFPe). Upon intravenous administration, DDFPe travels through the bloodstream arriving first at the lungs to pick up oxygen and finally to hypoxic tissue where it passively delivers the oxygen. Pre-clinical data has shown efficacy in several indications including hypoxic solid tumors, stroke, sickle cell crisis, hemorrhagic shock, traumatic brain injury, and myocardial infarction. Compared to prior fluorocarbons, NuvOx’s DDFPe is active at less than 1/200th the dose (prior agent failed due to high doses and adverse side effects). The company is in the clinical stage for oncology, stroke, and sickle cell crisis.

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