Beijing IVD Inspection Starts Today! 13 Requirements You Must Follow

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August 13, 2019
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Beijing IVD Inspection Starts Today! 13 Requirements You Must Follow

Beijing NMPA office published Beijing IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) Inspection Plan on August 1, specifying the requirements in upcoming inspections, from today, August 16, to October 11, for all IVD manufacturers.

Focal Issues for NMPA IVD Inspection

Below are 13 points, mentioned in the Beijing NMPA IVD Inspection Plan, that manufacturers must check:

  • Registration Certificate: if it manufactures without certificate
  • Inspections in the past two years: if it rectifies all the defects
  • Quality Management System: if it is well-established
  • Manufacturing equipment, process equipment, inspection instruments: if they match the products and the scale produced, and ensure effective operation
  • Supplier audit system: if it complies with “Guidelines on Suppliers Verification for Medical Device” and maintains effective operation
  • Quality agreement with major raw material suppliers: if it clarifies the quality responsibilities of both parties
  • Procurement records: if it meets the traceability requirements
  • External procurement of standard products, calibrators, quality control products, production or quality control blood: if it meets the traceability requirements
  • Mandatory standards and the technical requirements: if they are satisfied with registered or filed products
  • Quality control procedures: if each batch of products has batch inspection records and meets traceability requirements
  • Product manual and labeling: if it complies with relevant laws, regulations and standards
  • Sale records: if they meet traceability requirements
  • PMS system: if it implements a system for monitoring, analyzing and improving adverse events, and whether recalls are taken without potential safety hazards, and reports are made to relevant departments

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Self-Audit and Reference

The Beijing NMPA IVD Inspection Plan specified that, from Aug 1-Aug 16, manufacturers have the opportunity for self-audit. They can conduct retrospective audit for the authenticity, based on the submission materials, and the Corrective Actions related to the previous inspection. The reference guideline is Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines for Onsite Inspection of In Vitro Diagnostics.

IVD companies with large sales volume have been put into priority monitoring for which intensified and unannounced inspections can be expected.

The Beijing NMPA IVD Inspection Plan came after National NMPA’s 2019 Inspection Plan announced in March. National Plan involves following IVDs:

  • Thalassemia gene detection Kit
  • Ketamine detection kit
  • Hepatitis B virus surface antigen detection kit
  • Treponema pallidum antibody detection kit
  • Cystatin C assay reagent
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin test strip
For English version of reference guideline Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines for Onsite Inspection of In Vitro Diagnostics, please email We charge nominal fees for the translation.
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