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Key Points to Navigate the Class III Medical Device Type Testing – Part 2 Biological Testing


Biological testing points

1. Preparation of testing materials

Technical requirements, specifications are equivalent to performance testing. The contracts may be different, it needs to be cleared in advance.

2. Identify biological testing items

The evaluation test is considered according to Appendix A of GB/T 16886.1-2011, the specific contact properties and contact cycles of the product.

The biological testing items shall be determined according to the Appendix A of GB/T 16886.1-2011 standards and the product’s human contact features and cycles.

3. Determine the qualification of testing lab

a) Detection ability: According to the biological testing items, select the competent testing labs to perform the tests;

b) After the testing lab is selected, the manufacturers need to confirm the testing timeline, sample requirements, and testing costs.

4. Test sample preparation

Prepare test samples according to the testing labs requirements for quantity and quality. The batch number of the biological tests samples should be identical to that used for the performance tests.

5. Development of biological testing methods

a) Identify standards or methods for biological testing;

b) Develop the testing solution preparation methods, for example the extraction medium and methods, according to the product’s characteristics.

c) Defining the route of administration for biological testing according to the product’s characteristics. Such as intravenous, oral, or intraperitoneal injection, etc.

6. Test sample delivery

a) The manufacturer should send samples according to storage requirements

b) Signing the testing contract with the testing center

It is recommended to communicate with the testing center before signing the contract. Some testing centers need time to review the documents. The manufacturer can send the testing documents first. After the documents are confirmed, the manufacturer can send the testing sample and sign the testing contract.

7. Testing process and communication

a) Communication of product technical indicators and methods during the testing process;

b) Active track of the testing process

8. Issue a biological testing report

The testing labs will issue the testing reports according to standardized procedures or procedures offered by the company.


Type testing and 3rd party reviews are being encouraged, according to the newly-released Medical Device Amendment.

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