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Market Analysis: China’s Cardiovascular Device Market


cardioAs the No. 1 cause of death worldwide, mortality from cardiovascular disease in China is also increasing significantly. In Beijing, for example, the total loss of cardiovascular disease life expectancy is estimated at 317,812.67 person-years – loss of 23.99 years per thousand people – seriously affecting the health of residents and public health resources. WHO statistics show that in China and other Western Pacific developing countries, there is strong correlation of cardiovascular risk events with smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure in the elderly population.

Chronic use of medicine in high-risk population has been effective, however due to change of life pace and difficulty in long-term prevention or control, the incidence ratio of acute coronary syndromes has been on the rise. Surgery and medical device are the only options for critically ill patients, especially when damage to the heart and blood vessel is irreversible. Amount of percutaneous cardiovascular intervention (PCI) and bypass surgery of coronary arteries has been growing at double-digit level for the last 10 years,

with over 550,000 PCI cases by 2015


Annual PCI Cases in China and YOY Change

Coronary Arterial Stent Market Size in China

The vascular wall support device, also known as the stent, has become the main approach of PCI treatment. The stent is generally made of special alloy and implanted in the stenosis of blood vessels by catheter. Drug-eluting stents and degradable scaffolds are further innovation products to improve safety and effectiveness. The long-term medication needs associated with vascular stents and remaining problem of stent thrombosis present new direction for market development potential in China.

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