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China’s Intelligent Healthcare and Medical Device Segment Is Stepping Into A Rapid Development Period


“China Internet of Things Development Annual Report 2016-2017″ was released recently. According to “Annual Report”, Global Mobile Communications System Association forecasts that China’s healthcare & medical device will step into rapid development in 2017.

Intelligent Medical is a medical service system based on the data of patients. It covers the whole experience, understanding and action process of data acquisition, knowledge discovery and remote service. As a new industry pattern, a mature industry chain of the global intelligent medical has not formed yet. This also provides opportunities for enterprises in different industry patterns.

In 2016, China released the “on the promotion and regulation of the development of health care big data application” which provided a good policy environment for the development of medical big data. The intelligent medical in China includes medical services, medical product management, medical device management, blood management, telemedicine and distance education and other aspects, it specifically used in mobile care, mobile infusion, blood transfusion management, medical waste management, infant security, surgical specimen management and medical device management, etc.

Global Mobile Communications Systems Association forecasts that China’s medical equipment will step rapid development in 2017. The market size is expected to reach 23 billion yuan, with an increase of 53.3% than the previous year. In addition, from 2010 to 2016, start-up medical entrepreneurs in intelligent medical industry in China was up to 2836. A total of 1875 investments which mainly in health care, medical information, intelligent hardware, medical treatment and other fields were made.
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