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NMPA: Twenty Standards Issued in One Day


nmpa guidelines for nanomaterials

The NMPA published 20 industry standards on June 28, 2023, to guide manufacturers for local type testing, pre-clinical, clinical studies, and regulatory submissions.

Significance of Standards

Industry mandatory standards are legally enforced. Decree 739 Regulation on Supervision and Management of Medical Devices, the highest law governing medical device industry in China, mandates that “medical device shall meet the national mandatory standards; if there are no national mandatory standards, they shall comply with the industry mandatory standards”.

The industry recommended standards are not legally binding but recommended by regulatory authorities.

For English version of any standards below, please email We charge nominal fees for the translation.

Mandatory Standards

  • YY 0272-2023 Dentistry Zinc oxide/eugenol cement and eugenol-free zinc oxide cement
  • YY 0503-2023 Ethylene oxide sterilizer
  • YY 0793.3-2023 Preparation and quality management of fluids for hemodialysis and related therapeutic purposes Part 3: Concentrates for hemodialysis and related therapeutic purposes
  • YY 0989.3-2023 Surgical implants Active implantable medical devices – Part 3: Implantable neurostimulators
  • YY 1881-2023 Medical positive pressure breathing apparatus
  • YY 1885-2023 Transportation of patients with infectious diseases in negative pressure isolation cabins
  • YY 1887-2023 Medical positive pressure protective clothing

Recommended Standards

  • YY/T 0338-2023 Tracheostomy cannula and fittings
  • YY/T 0776-2023 Liver radiofrequency ablation treatment equipment
  • YY/T 0907-2023 Medical needle-free syringe requirements and test methods
  • YY/T 0992-2023 Endoscope cleaning workstation
  • YY/T 1437-2023 Medical devices GB/T 42062 Application guide
  • YY/T 1754.3-2023 Preclinical animal studies of medical devices – Part 3: Animal abdominal wall incision hernia model for evaluation of mesh histological response and biomechanical properties
  • YY/T 1766.3-2023 Image quality evaluation method for X-ray computed tomography equipment Part 3: Performance evaluation of dual-energy imaging and spectroscopy application
  • YY/T 1873-2023 Anesthesia and respiratory equipment: Laughing gas inhalation sedative analgesic device
  • YY/T 1884-2023 Fixed copper-bearing IUD
  • YY/T 1894-2023 Reliability index verification method for medical magnetic resonance equipment
  • YY/T 1896-2023 Wavelength range definition method for spectral radiation therapy equipment
  • YY/T 1897-2023 Biological evaluation of nano-medical devices Genotoxicity test In vitro mammalian cell micronucleus test
  • YY/T 1899-2023 Methods for preparation and evaluation of histopathological samples after implantation of absorbable medical devices

Huge Impact

Whether you are renewing or submitting new registration, your medical devices need to meet these new standards. Even if your renewals (every 5 years required by NMPA) have no changes, you still have to prove that your originally approved products can meet the new standards. As a result, your originally approved products will still need to go through local type testing to show that you are current with the new standards. China Med Device, LLC has test engineers at NMPA testing centers to help you assess and expedite your type testing needs and shorten your renewal or new approval time.

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