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In One Day, 17 Industry Standards Released by CFDA


On August 6, CFDA published 17 industry standards, covering sterilization of infusion device, biological testing, and standardization of medical consumables.

1.       Test methods for packaging of sterilized medical devices: Breathable packaging material aerosol filtration method microbial barrier test

2.       Test methods for packaging of sterilized medical devices: Non-destructive testing of packaging leaks by vacuum attenuation method

3.       Intravascular catheters – Disposable sterile catheters: Subcutaneous implantable devices

4.       Special requirements for safety of blood, intravenous liquid and lavage warmer

5.       Determination of 2-chloroethanol residues in disposable PVC infusion devices

6.       Large-aperture connectors for medical fluids and gases: connector for gastrointestinal use

7.       Small aperture connectors for medical liquids and gases: axle connector

8.       Special infusion sets: Infusion sets for single use

9.       Special infusion sets: Scale flow adjustment

10.   Determination of strength and curing time of synthetic water-activated polyurethane glass fiber orthopedic bandages

11.   Standard Test Model for Evaluation of Performance of Contact Wound Dressings: In vitro model for evaluation of hemostatic properties

12.   Disposable medical gloves: resistance to chemical penetration

13.   Medical device complement activation test: determination of complement activation products (C3a and SC5b-9)

14.   Evaluation for immunogenicity of medical device: determination of spleen lymphocyte subsets in animals by flow cytometry

15.   Medical Device Biological Evaluation: medical device neurotoxicity test selection guide

16.   Medical device genotoxicity test: In vitro mammalian cell micronucleus test

17.   Medical device and platelet interaction test: In vitro platelet activation test


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