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The NMPA (CFDA) Announced Historical Medical Device Changes Today


The last time the NMPA (CFDA) “Medical Device Supervision and Management Regulations” were completely overhauled was in 2014 with a supplemental update in 2017. Today (June 25th, 2018) the new draft regulations are going through historical changes focusing on expediting innovation and achieving much needed reform.  It is timely in that U.S. tariffs are anticipated to be levied at 25% duty on many of the medical devices shipped from China to the U.S.

Articles impacted: 12 articles newly added, 2 deleted and 39 modified.

Major changes:

  1. Perfecting medical device registration holder system. The registration holder can now be independent of the manufacturer.
  2. Relaxed the requirements for CER and clinical trials and acceptance of overseas clinical trial data. Streamline Innovation Approval and Priority Review to expedite certain devices entry.
  3. Exempted the requirement of home-country-approval for imported devices.
  4. Class II domestic devices approval has been moved from provincial SDA (CFDA) to the national one. Provincial and local SDA (CFDA) will establish career inspectors like the regional FDA inspectors in the U.S.
  5. Type testing and 3rd party reviews are being encouraged.


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