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The CFDA Approves EYE TECH CARE’s Glaucoma Treatment Product


EYE TECH CARE, a French medical device company, has received approval from CFDA to begin marketing its EyeOP1® glaucoma treatment product in China.
The first non-invasive medical device approved for the treatment of glaucoma in China, EyeOP1® treats glaucoma with an innovative, high-intensity focused ultrasound technology. Several clinical studies have been conducted, including in China, in order to prove the benefits of the technology, with 5,000 patients already treated.

Glaucoma affects 120 million people globally and is the second most common cause of blindness after cataract. China has the largest population affected by glaucoma with 22 million patients, a number growing at an average rate of 7.5% each year.

By the time they are diagnosed, many patients already have advanced glaucoma, which often requires an invasive surgical procedure that comes with associated risks. EyeOP1® provides a high-value alternative for patients suffering either from open-angle or angle-closure glaucoma, which has a particularly high incidence in China.

The key benefits to using high-intensity ultrasound technology include:
Totally non-invasive approach minimizes risks associated with other traditional options
A standardized and quick procedure that takes less than three minutes
Short learning curve, high reproducibility, light clinical follow-up

EyeOP1® uses high-intensity, focused ultrasound delivered by a miniaturized and computer-controlled eye probe to decrease the production of aqueous humor by partially coagulating the ciliary body, decreasing the intraocular pressure. It is the only computer-controlled glaucoma device with a treatment time of only 3 minutes.

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