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Electrophysiology – Although in its Infancy, the Market is Promising


Severe cardiac arrhythmia is the leading cause of sudden cardiac death, and radiofrequency ablation is an important means of non-drug treatment of arrhythmia.  During the medical treatment, three-dimensional electrophysiological mapping system, radiofrequency ablation catheter and body surface reference electrodes are simultaneously employed while the heart radiofrequency ablation system provides radiofrequency energy.

In 2016, the global electrophysiology market is estimated at about 3.7 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 5.25 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, an increase of about 11%. Currently, the United States, the European Union and Japan are the top three electrophysiological markets while the Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing market.

In China, there are more than 10 million patients with atrial fibrillation and catheter ablation is one of the effective radical cures.  But the number of patients who completed catheter ablation is less than 2% of the total number of patients, indicating that there is a vast market for electrophysiology in China. Meanwhile, the annual number of radiofrequency ablation operations in the Chinese market is also on the rise.  In 2015, the total number of catheter ablations reported in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions was 111,092 cases, among which Beijing, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are the top three regions. As of 2016, there were 122,000 catheter ablation surgeries in China.

2009-2015 cases of radiofrequency ablation in China

Although electrophysiological therapy has been utilized by China for a relatively short period of time and is still in its infancy, the annual growth rate of the market is expected to reach more than 20%. Therefore, at that annual growth rate, the number of catheter ablation surgeries in China will reach 300,000 by 2020.


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