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Registration Certificates Become Paperless


The electronic registration certificate for medical devices will be fully implemented, starting on November 1, 2022.

After October 2020, when the electronic certificates for domestic Class III, imported Class II and III devices became available on a pilot basis, 14,000 electronic certificates and 3,500 modification registration have been issued.

Notice of Electronic Registration Certificate

The notice regulates that:

  • The electronic certificates for initial and modification registrations will be apply to devices approved after November 1, 2022
  • The electronic certificate has the same legal effect as the paper certificate. The electronic certificate has functions such as instant delivery, SMS reminder, license authorization, code scanning query, online verification, and network-wide sharing.
  • The electronic certificate does not include product technical requirements, IFU and other accessories.
  • Enterprises must first register in the online service hall of the NMPA and have real-name authentication

View our guideline on Electronic Submission System (rRPS).

If you have the following questions, please email

  • What is a CA certificate? How does one apply for a CA certificate?
  • What are the filing review requirements for Chinese submissions?
  • What are the RPS-ToC catalog and requirements?
  • How RPS catalog structure looks like?

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