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Faster and Lower-Cost Entry into China: CFDA New Clinical Exemption Catalog Issued


NPMA (formerly CFDA) published the “Clinical Exemption Catalog for Medical Devices” yesterday (Sep 30th), in which a total of 855 medical devices and 393 IVDs exempted from clinical trial. It is the effort to implement risk-based clinical evaluation, and to make medical device clinical exemptions more consistent with internationally-accepted standard.

To determine whether your device & IVD falls into the Catalog, please email

Since 2014 August, 4 batches of clinical exemptions have been issued by NMPA (formerly CFDA). The 4th batch was released on June 11th, 2018:

  1. Compared with the first 3 batches, the latest one includes 63 Class II, 21 Class III medical devices and 246 Class II, 31 Class III IVDs;
  2. Most of Class II non-active surgical devices, neuro surgical devices, cardio surgical devices, ophthalmic devices, obstetrics & gynecology devices, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) devices and birth control devices are exempted from clinical trial now;
  3. Reagents for flow cytometry, newly-classified as class II IVD, have been exempted;
  4. It is the first time 31 class III IVDs being exempted, which are cancer-biomarkers.

For combination devices, it can be exempted If class I device combines with exempted class II or class III device.

The product name, classification code and product description are formatted in the Catalog, in accordance with Medical Device Classification Catalog effective on Aug 1st.


For NMPA (formerly CFDA) link of Medical Device Catalog, please email We charge nominal fees if you want to purchase the English version.

For Clinical Evaluation Basic Requirements for Clinical Exempt IVD Reagents (draft), click HERE.

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