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CMD assists U.S. Medtch companies with Market Assessment, Due Diligence, Distribution Qualification & Management when entering China's market.

China Med Device, LLC provides turn-key solution for Western medtech and IVD companies in their entry and growth in China. Our bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff coupled with 10+ years of domain expertise and extensive on the ground resources and network accelerate your efforts and time to market in China. We do not only provide strategy but also implementation services to make the strategy happen in China from market intelligence and distribution.


Why CMD Can Accelerate Your Business’ Entry
into the China’s Market

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20+ Years Seasoned Proven Bi-cultural and Bi-lingual Medtech Staff

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Access to Proven Network of Key Resources

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Close Ties to KOL from clinical society & key strategic decision makers

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Unmatched Understanding of China’s Complex and Fragmented market in medical device & IVD

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Risk Sharing Compensation Model

Market Assessment

Our medtech industry experience, seasoned practical approach and comprehensive network of resources in hospitals , KOLs with clinical societies, distribution network and medtech industry executives, enable our team to provide accurate and practical assessment on China medtech market dynamics.

Accurate market pricing, sizing, and key players

  • Clinical workflow and utilization
  • Alternative and competitive analysis
  • Due diligence and insights on companies

Distribution and Marketing Services

Our seasoned team of experts focus on opportunities in the medical device market and services in commercial and near-commercial industries and IVD areas with the following services.

  • Distribution search and qualification
  • Distribution negotiation and implementation
  • Distribution management on a continuous basis
  • Marketing promotion, product positioning and planning
  • Local Chinese Marketing Communication Collateral Development
  • Key clinical leaders support and development, publications and white papers
  • Product launch, positioning and promotion

What are the key strategic factors to consider when you enter China?


China’ is the second largest medical device market in the world.,. With increasing government spending on healthcare services and medical facilities, increased living standards, medical devices in China is projected to continue to grow 15%-20% over the next five years. Both domestic Chinese manufacturers and foreign multinationals corporations are investing and strengthening their footprint.

The factors for success in China can be very different from those in the United States in regulatory approval, clinical trials and validation, and commercialization.  A small medical device company in the U.S. could become a major player in China with strategic partnership and government incentive programs.

Below is a sample of the factors we review:

Government & Regulatory drivers

  • China NMPA (CFDA): China NMPA stands for the National Medical Products Administration. It is China’s regulatory governing body for medical devices and IVDs. It controls all registration, inspection, clinical trial, sale, and advertising for domestic and foreign medical products. Imported medical devices must be registered and approved by NMPA to sell in China.
  • Government healthcare spending and priorities at provincial and central levels.
  • Reimbursement policies
  • Patients charge classification and codes
  • Different ministries priorities and initiatives.
  • Shorten your time to market with a jump start on NMPA (CFDA) even before your FDA approval.  Contact us to find out.

Market drivers

  • Degree of homogeneity of customer needs across different levels of hospitals and clinics and types of ownerships.
  • Degree of homogeneity of customer needs across different levels of hospitals and clinics and types of ownerships.
  • Market segmentations and requirements.
  • Fragmented localized distribution system across the seven key geographic regions.
  • Drivers and decision-making process for different device classes and budgets levels.
  • Key success factors in a relationship-driven business environment.
  • Key venues and mechanisms to reach target audience.

Competitive drivers

  • IP Protection for local and foreign manufacturers.
  • IP Protection for local and foreign manufacturers.
  • Multi-national corporations with direct R&D and manufacturing presence or JV in China.
  • Domestic Chinese manufacturers and enterprises tend to be small and focus on low to med rangeproducts with minimal research and development (R&D). For critical components in the high tech medical devices, domestic manufactures reply on imported key components.
  • The emerging larger companies funded by government and private investment are looking for foreign companies to partner with them to shorten the time to market and expedite the access to the reputable foreign brand name.
  • Competing and complimentary products offerings and their SWOP.

Revenue and Cost drivers

  • Cost of importing and distributing products in China in a very fragmented yet low cost distribution model to foreign imported medical devices.
  • Cost of importing and distributing products in China in a very fragmented yet low cost distribution model to foreign imported medical devices.
  • Cost of registrations and support.
  • Typical margins expected for different devices among manufacturers, master dealers, sub-dealers and selling agents.
  • Cost of managing and maintaining on-going operations in distribution and support.
  • Types of local business models and structures

Shorten your time to market, increase your revenue multiples?
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China Med Device, LLC specialized in accelerating medical device/IVD companies with turn-key solution for their commercialization in China. Our staff are bi-lingual and bi-culture with practical life science industry experience.



  • Director of Marketing
    I had the opportunity to work with China Medical Device Group on a research project to inform our portfolio and regulatory strategy for entering the Chinese Marketplace. Grace's extensive experience in medical device has enabled her to independently and efficiently evaluate our product portfolio and assess our needs. They exceeded my expectations on quality and amount of data they were able to collect and we now have a strategy that has been informed by real data that will ultimately ensure our business success in the years to come.
    Director of Marketing
    Regenerative and Orthopedic Company, CA, USA
  • Vice President of Finance
    China Med Device (CMD) has brought a great deal of knowledge and understanding to our team to help us navigate the complexities of bringing a product to market in China. Specifically we have gained a much better understanding of the ins and outs of the China medical device market and choices of business models. CMD has walked us through the very complicated process NMPA (CFDA) registration guiding us not only from regulatory documentation and testing perspectives but also how the process will impact the reimbursement downstream ...
    Vice President of Finance
    Surgical Device

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