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Big Data Tells You: Why is there an enormous prospect of the big health industry?


What is Big Health? Big health includes health service, pharmaceuticals, medical device, wearable health device, physical therapy, beauty, dietary supplements, healthy diet, sports and recreation, health examination, health maintenance, healthy home, organic agriculture, which are new supports of the fifth economic wave.

Big data shows the health conditions of Chinese people.

In China, millions of people are living with health conditions that negatively impact their quality of life. There are 160 – 170 million patients with hypertension, 100 million with hyperlipidemia, 92.42 million with diabetics. 70 – 200 million people are overweight or obese.  160 million people have dyslipidemia and 122 million people have fatty liver.

Every 30 seconds, a person is diagnosed with cancer or diabetic, or dies of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Health issues among white-collar workers

Currently, 76% of white-collar workers in major cities are sub-healthy and nearly 60% of them are overtired. The proportion of truly healthy people in China is less than 3%.

Female white-collar workers are more likely to suffer from gynecological and cardiovascular diseases, while male white-collar workers have higher risks of sudden death, chronic fatigue, or cancer.

In the Human Resource Development Report issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, seven professions are in danger of experiencing sudden death. If  intellectuals in China do not pay attention to their sub-health conditions, two-thirds of them are likely to die of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the future.

Adverse drug reactions could put human health in great danger.

In China, one-third of patients die of adverse drug reactions. The first Birth Defect Prevention Day was on September 12th, 2006. In the same year, it was reported that there were 720 infants born with birth defects every day in China and most of them were caused by adverse drug reactions.

The Fourth National Survey of Health Services suggested that, in 2008, the prevalence of chronic disease is 20%, which covered 83% of the total deaths.  In the past ten years, the average rate of chronic disease annual increase was doubled.

According to the American ournal Health Affairs, the growth rate of Chinese people’s waistline will be the highest in the world in the future.The population with obesity will reach  325 million and the risk of cancer will increase by eightfold.

Big data on Chinese adolescent health

80% of students have a poor quality breakfast.

The prevalence of adolescent anemia is presently at 38%.

The incidence rate of fatty liver among obese adolescences is 40-50%.

The myopia rate is 32.5% of pupils, 59.4% of middle school students, 77.3% of high school students, and 80% of college students.

Big data of Chinese elderly health

China’s elder populations will enter a serious stage of aging and health risks by 2020. Osteoporosis has been ranked as the seventh most common disease in China with an incidence rate of 56% in people over 60 years old and 60-70% among female. The conservative estimate of annual medical expenses will be 15 billion RMB. China has nearly 6 million dementia patients, which accounts for one-fourth of the total numbers around the world.

Currently, 70% of the population in China are in sub-healthy conditions. 15% of the population are plagued by diseases. The health expenditure per capita in China is less than 5% of the U.S and is only 1/5 of the global health expenditure per capita.

Therefore, there is a great potential for the development of big health industry in China.


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