Jason Zhang, MD / Director of CRO

Jason Zhang, MD, Clinical Director of China Med Device

Jason Zhang

Jason has 10+ years of experience in clinical research and clinical trial across a wide range of medical devices and IVDs. He has proven track record in working with CFDA to develop the optimum clinical trial plan, manage the on-going communication, effectively addresses the unexpected or challenging issues during the clinical study. His extensive experience covers the entire spectrum of clinical trials from site selection to the preparation of PRT, CIB, CRF, ICF, IRB, and PRT discussion meeting, clinical data monitoring, management, statistical analysis, clinical research, evaluation and reporting and final site closing. Product examples include, but not limited to: NanoFuse for bone trauma, Hemoconcentrator, Focused ultrasound for contouring, Precision infusion project, Polysaccharide hemostatic material project. MR-HIFU(MR guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)in Uterine Fibroid treatment, MRI imaging systems etc.

For IVD types of products, Jason has helped with blood gas analyzer, automatic blood type analysis system, erythrocyte sediment rate analyzer, different PCR-fluoroscopy based kits, enzyme-linked immunoassays, blood glucose / cholesterol dual detector etc.

He also worked as the clinical affairs manage at Philips Healthcare, clinical data manager at Merck & Co. on HPV Vaccine, Herpes Zoster Virus Vaccine, Drug for primary insomnia, Study of immunological drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) etc.

Jason received MD from North China Medical College (NCMC) and master in Pathology from Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)with specialty in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacology, and Medical Statistics etc.